Why a PHP website?

If you are looking for specific requirements, a lot more flexibility and customization for your website, then you should go for a Website built on PHP. PHP is a programming language which has been around for quite sometime now, and is supported by almost every web host.

elephpant-27753_1280 So why should I go for PHP?
If you want more customization than what WordPress can offer, you should go for a PHP website. There are a lot of pros in going for WordPress, which we mentioned earlier. WordPress is quicker and easier to set up and have your business up and running in no time if you have your theme, plugins and content ready. But if you are looking for a solution which involves a flexibility that WordPress cannot offer, then you can opt for PHP. Like WordPress, PHP is open source and has a massive community to support it.
We do our coding in the best frameworks available for PHP – Laravel, Phalcon and CodeIgniter. Why we use this may be best described by this comparison of Frameworks. These three are the most sought after PHP frameworks because of their flexibility, performance and simply because they provide the best results.