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Leave the Technical Aspects of your Website With Us!
Dear Business Website Owner,

You're well aware that time Management is key to running an online business, and there aren't really enough hours in a day to finish all tasks. But in whatever time is available, you need to put the maximum amount of time into growing your business.
In the reality of business, you serve your business best by focusing on the "20% of those tasks that drive 80% of your value" (The 80/20 rule aka Pareto Principle). This 20% includes the most important tasks that will grow your business and add to your bottom line, such as client prospecting, analyzing market channels, strategizing, and of course, actually completing the client's work.
But the rest of the tasks which include security, maintenance and other behind-the-scenes chores on your website are no less important. Your online presence is as important as the work that you do online / offline.
But of course, that's why you're here, and yes, we can help you with it.
Why do you need a maintenance plan?
As a conservative estimate, let's say you spend about 4 hours a month on website maintenance. That's not a lot. But what does that cost you in terms of client work that you have missed out on?
If you charge $50/hour, that's an easy $200 lost per month. When your business grows and you charge a $100/hour, that doubles to a loss of $400. Of course you can hire someone in-house to look after your website, but that's an additional resource that your company has to maintain.
Have a look at our pricing table and what see it covers. We cover practically any maintenance requirement that your site can have, at a more affordable cost.
What do we offer?
We offer a number of services which fall under the category of maintenance and support, but here are some of the core functions:

WordPress Updates
Keeping your wordpress website updated help to maintain security, fix bugs, add features, and improve the site's functionality. We keep your site updated by making sure that your themes, plugins and even the WordPress core are updated regularly to the most recent versions available.

Regular Backups and Restore
There are many things that can damage your website, some of it which are not in your control, such as user errors and hackers. We perform scheduled backups making it easier to revert to the most recent working version with ease. Our storage location is off-site, so that the backups are not affected by hosting problems.

Site security
We secure your site with the most recommended tools and settings in the industry, so that your site will be safe and secure 24/7, and you can concentrate on running your business.

Uptime Monitoring
Our team checks your website constantly to ensure it's up. In case your website is down, we get alerted immediately and start working on a solution.

Firewall Protection
Did you know that more than 12,000 WordPress websites are attacked by hackers per minute? A Website Application Firewall helps prevent those attacks.

Database optimization and Repairs
WordPress databases get filled with useless old page revisions and temp files that slow your website down. We clean and optimize your database for increased speed.

Content Edits and Customization
Need to make a quick update on your site's content or make minor changes to the design? Just let us know what you need to change, and our experts will update it for you.

Theme / Plugin Setup and Configuration
We can install a new theme or a plugin that you have picked up for your website. Don't worry about how technical the documentation gets, we'll take care of it for you.

Spam Comment Management
Do not worry about someone trying to spam your website with comments and page trackbacks. Our team keeps your site clean regularly of those.

Site Cloning and Migration
Moving from one host to another, or from one domain to another? We can get it done for you, including configuring your domain with your new host if needed.

Additional Services
What we can do for you is not limited to the above. If you need additional technical help, do not hesitate to put in a word through our Contact Form. Let's start talking and take things forward from there.