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Why Should I Keep My Site Updated?

Imagine what would be the impact on your business if a number of potential customers try to access your website and get greeted by a "less than business appropriate" message or image on your site.

While WordPress developers are studying the code to learn ways to improve it, hackers are trying to learn new ways to break in. New versions of WordPress are continuosly being released by the WordPress community which includes measures and fixes to counter any such attempts.

You need to keep your wordpress theme, plugins and core updated to the latest available to keep your site up to date with the latest security fixes in place.

Regular Updates

Did you know that only 54% of the world's websites are updated to the latest versions of WordPress? That means the rest are open to known vulnerabilities and easy hacker targets. Keep your website up to date with the latest security update for your wordpress core, themes and plugins to keep hackers at bay.

Regular Backups

No need to fear loosing your valuable work to server or database crashes ever again! We perform scheduled backups to off-site cloud based storage on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Storing several instances of your WordPress website allows you to revert to a previous version with ease.

Amazing Support

Every WordPress captain needs a great crew! We are a young group of experienced WordPress geeks with lots of experience, obsessed by over-delivering quality WordPress maintenance service in a timely fashion. We are committed to making your WordPress experience delightful!

Database Optimization

Your WordPress website’s performance is vital to your visitors and search engines. By performing database optimizations, we significantly reduce the risk of database and data corruption.

Site Monitoring

Tired of finding out from your visitors that your website i down? Say no more! We’ve got you covered. Beyond just letting you know, we will look into it for you to expedite getting you back online.

Security Scans

Keeping you and your visitors safe from exploits and malware is key to your success. In collaboration with we bring top of the line WordPress security protection to your WordPress website.

So, how does this work?

A quick 3 step process and say Good Bye to your website worries!

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Daily Incremental Backup Onsite, 4 full backup per month Offsite

Up to 4 months or 500MB of backup offsite (whichever is earlier)


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Email / Chat support - 8 hour response time

Unlimited numbers, up to 2 hours per month (not carried over)




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Daily Onsite and Offsite

Up to 1 year or 1 GB of backup offsite (whichever is earlier) 


Unlimited Restores / Rollbacks

Email / Chat support - 8 hour response time

Unlimited numbers, up to 6 hours per month (not carried over)