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Why do I need a Website Maintenance Plan?

It won't be wrong to say that WordPress powers most of the Internet nowadays. The flexibility and versatility of the WordPress platform is widely known, which makes it one of the most widely adopted open source platforms out there. WordPress is backed by an amazing team of developers who keep churning out new updates to counter bugs, introduce new features and plug security loopholes.

Unfortunately most websites do not benefit from these because they are not updated on time and maintained properly. Not only does this result in the websites not getting the latest features, but also would make it vulnerable to malicious attacks and spyware. This includes not just the WordPress core, but also the updates to third party themes and plugins that enhance the functionalities of your website. Website owners need to make sure that their sites are updated to the latest available code.

We help website owners keep their site up to date with our simple monthly WordPress maintenance service subscription. You need not worry about keeping your website up to date. Our service subscription includes a multitude of services which covers almost any issue that you may come across with your website. You can concentrate on what you do best (growing your business) without having to worry about maintaining your website.

Regular Updates

Did you know that only 54% of the world's websites are updated to the latest versions of WordPress? That means the rest are open to known vulnerabilities and easy hacker targets. Keep your website up to date with the latest security update for your wordpress core, themes and plugins to keep hackers at bay.

So, how does this work?

A quick 3 step process and say Good Bye to your website worries!

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2x per week Onsite, 1 per month Offsite

4 recent backups onsite, 4 recent backups Offsite

1x a week

1-time free restore from backup

Email Support - 24 hr response time



per month


Daily Incremental Backup Onsite, 4 full backup per month Offsite

Up to 4 months or 500MB of backup offsite (whichever is earlier)


Unlimited restores / rollbacks

Email / Chat support - 8 hour response time

Unlimited numbers, up to 2 hours per month (not carried over)




per month

Daily Onsite and Offsite

Up to 1 year or 1 GB of backup offsite (whichever is earlier) 


Unlimited Restores / Rollbacks

Email / Chat support - 8 hour response time

Unlimited numbers, up to 6 hours per month (not carried over)